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How to ace your next interview and secure your dream job

How to ace your next interview and secure your dream job

Congratulations, you’ve successfully secured an interview for a vacancy at a company that you have always wanted to work for. But now the panic sets in, how do you make a fantastic first impression and smash your interview?  

This is something we get asked on an almost daily basis. Candidates want to know the tips and hacks that will give them the best chance of standing out from other applicants.  

The bad news is, there are no ‘hacks’. The interviewer would see right through you. It is important to remember that job interviews are notoriously anxiety-inducing affairs, so you are not alone. They require hours upon hours of preparation, improve your chances of landing the job by going in prepared. 


So, how can you master the job interview?

  • Dress well

  1. Fairly obvious, and ambiguous! By Dress Well, we mean to say that you should dress adequately for the role (Congratulations by the way!). For example, if the role is office-based, consider dressing in trousers, shoes, and a plain shirt. Clothing that is comfortable, but suitable for the professional environment, should you get that job.
  1. Consider accessories, such as jewellery and watches. Try not to wear any accessories that are considered distracting, such as large earrings or a flash chain.  Keeping your choice of accessories subtle demonstrates your professional dress sense during the interview. 


  • Research, research, research!

  1. Researching a company is an easy win, so take it!  Research is the best way to show enthusiasm, initiative, and motivation. If the company you have applied to is a small or new company, be diligent when searching for them online. Often there will be a myriad of businesses with similar names and researching the wrong company is only going to be detrimental.
  2. A super-easy way to ensure that you find the correct company quickly is to check any emails you have received from the company. Most businesses display full contact information, including their website on their email footer. If the company does not yet have a website, mention it as an area for opportunity! 


  • Don’t be late!

  1. Arriving 15 minutes early is never a bad thing. We always recommend a test run to the location of the interview. This will allow you to get an accurate estimate of the travel time required ahead of the big day.If you are going to be late, don’t panic. Instead, call ahead to inform the interviewer that you are running late with an updated time of arrival. Most will understand that sometimes things out of your control happen and will appreciate the notice. 


  • Be polite to everybody you meet.

  1. We often find that this tip flies under the radar. Make a conscious effort to be polite to everyone you meet from the moment you enter the building to the moment you leave. It is commonplace for interviewers to ask colleagues such as receptionists for information on how a candidate arrived to get a genuine idea of your personality outside the interview environment.  


  • Non-verbal communication.

  1. Non-verbal communication refers to how a person communicates feelings without speaking. Actions such as holding eye contact, positive posture, and hand gestures while you are speaking are ways to convey interest without speaking. Although making eye contact may seem awkward at first, the worst thing you can do is sit and stare at the floor, the interviewer will think you are not interested in them or the vacancy. 


Research has shown that it only takes around 20 seconds for someone to form their first impression of you. By applying all of the points discussed in this article together you can ensure that you make a fantastic and lasting first impression, which will go a long way to securing that dream job.  

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